Protection Approaches

Identity-based violence & atrocity prevention training

We deliver bespoke training on the prediction and prevention of identity-based violence and mass atrocities.

This training can include anything from urgent briefings on situations of  impending or ongoing mass atrocities, to structural training on how organisations or governments can implement prevention strategies of monitoring, analysis, communication, and response. We debunk myths around what atrocity prevention is and deliver tailored programmes that are designed according to the needs of our partners. 

Around the world we have delivered workshops and trainings for governments, national mechanisms, political parties, parliamentary committees, government departments, civil servants, civil society organisations, and journalists.

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Understanding hate crime training (level 2 accredited)

Delivered in partnership with People Opportunities, this OCN London Level 2 Understanding Hate Crime course has been designed for those who work with those most at risk of being the victims of hate crime. It may be of particular value to staff and volunteers from faith and community organisations, local authorities, emergency services or housing associations, and other public bodies.

The course is delivered over a full day and looks at:

  • Hate crime laws
  • The impact of hate crime on victims, witnesses, and communities
  • How and where people can report
  • Why it is important to report
  • How to support victims
  • How to prevent hate crime

This is a single unit qualification, and has a credit value of 2 credits.

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Teacher training

We deliver bespoke teacher training, and CPD days and sessions for key stage 3 and 4 teachers, and school SLTs. Every school is different and training days/sessions are designed in consultation to meet the needs of your school. 

Training can cover all or some of the below:

  • How to deal with biased or discriminatory language in school
  • Whole school approaches to tackling prejudice and building cohesion
  • Best practice from around the world  in building inclusive, caring school environments
  • Teaching about prejudice and discrimination in and across subjects
  • Our free resources and toolkits 


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